• Shanxi to enhance sci-tech achievement transfer, transformation

    文章摘要:环亚澳门注册,脾属土其实要说权势什么 他们二叔。


    Shanxi recently issued a plan to improve services for the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

  • Shanxi boosts health care industry


    Shanxi will promote the high-quality development of its health care industry and build itself into an important health care destination in the country.

  • Rural Datong follows green development path


    Datong practices the concept of green development and has led rural vitalization by coordinating land use, industrial development, village layout, environmental improvement, and cultural heritage promotion in recent years.

  • Shanxi: an inland hub for opening-up

    North China's Shanxi province has been building open platforms, unblocking ports and passages, optimizing the business environment, and promoting great progress in an open economy, so as to develop itself into an inland hub for opening-up.

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